Chapter 9 Another Condition 

Gloria corrected him with a smile, “No, ex-wife”

Jonathan was a detached person, but he was still shocked, “Ex-wife?”

Gloria raised her hand, “Mr. Brown, I’m Norma. Nice to meet you.”

She had met him many times as Mrs. Collins. But this was the first time she met him as Norma,

Jonathan shook hands with her with a faint smile, “Why did you get divorced?”

Irene was a little angry and said, “Mr. Collins had an affair. Norma…”

“Irene…” Gloria interrupted her and winked at her, trying to tell her not to mention private matters.

She turned back to Jonathan and said, “Mr. Brown, we know how important this case is to your Brown Group. so we will take it seriously. You don’t have to trust Mr. Collins’ ex-wife Gloria, but you should trust Norma Besides, I have no reason to ruin my reputation.”

narrowed his eyes slightly. After a moment,

the case for Jordy. I think no one is

elite lawyer, had never lost a case. Many lawyers were afraid to be his opponents

people said that George was the second Norma. If they could be opposing lawyers in court, the trial must be

was why Jonathan took so much trouble

But now…

coincidence and the whole thing

for this case anyway, right? George is so excellent and only Norma is a match for him. Moreover,

was not in a hurry to get down to the business, “You are right. Shall

the waiter to serve the dishes, and then

picked up her fork and looked at Jonathan, “If I had known that you

a chance to talk to you You

and smiled, “Don’t you

drinking will do harm to health. I heard that you had

and said as if implying something, “Oh, I didn’t expect that

that I have a stomach

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