Chapter 33 That’s It?

He snatched the phone from her hand and hang up!

Gloria looked at him in puzzlement. “What are you doing?”

Jordy stared hard at Gloria with piercing eyes as if warning her not to make any move.

“Gloria, for the last time, do not go out with any man, or you’ll be sorry!”

Angela’s face stiffened.

She originally thought that Jordy was doing this to protect his reputation as a man. No man could stand it when his newly divorced wife cheated on him.

But she had a premonition that this was simply not the case.

Gloria talked tough, “We’ll see.”

Angela took Jordy’s arm and said anxiously “Don’t take this to heart. My sister is still young.”

settled into a hard line. He gave Gloria a cold stare and walked

the room. Angela looked at Gloria

don’t you just leave? You want me to kick

smile though she felt bad.

Gloria. It was better to get Jordy into her bed at this


door. The farce was finally over. Gloria could have a

taken down by

eyes twinkling with laughter. He couldn’t wait

Nydia was on holiday. She took Gloria to the mall

around the mall. Gloria needed some

silent. Nydia asked anxiously, “We are friends. Are you going to keep this from me? What did

you that night? Why was Angela

was surprised. “How

Angela could only lay low and complain to

looked calm and Nydia patted her hand hard. “Angela’s friend told me that! How long

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