Chapter 28 It’s All Over Twitter!

Jordy was boiling with anger.

Gloria continued angrily. “I’ve been waiting for you to call me. Let’s go to the court together. If you skipped a meal with her, we might get divorced now. And you don’t have to worry about your company’s reputation and interests every day.”


Jordy gnashed his back teeth. “Gloria, you think I don’t want a divorce? Grandma has been crying and begging me not to divorce you!”

Gloria froze for a moment.

She remembered that Karen had called her before, saying that she wanted to find her a better man.

“The Collins Group and the Brown Group are competing for a project. When it’s over, I’ll divorce you. Gloria, lay low just for a month!”

Any bad news would be held against Jordy. His reputation as a good husband could not be ruined.

Gloria scoffed, “I don’t see what this has to do with me. It’s not my company. Can I get half of $10 billion?”

Jordy’s eyes flashed sarcastically. “You are a vain woman!”

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