Chapter 13 A Familiar Voice 

Karen got up and strode to Jordy. She pushed him on the shoulder and said in an exasperated voice, “That’s because you hurt her! You little bastard. Just apologize to her and make up with her!”

“Grandma, I have made up my mind.” Jordy’s face also darkened.

“Oh… Oh, that is infuriating!”

Karen pretended to be dizzy. Joseph immediately said in a deep voice, “Alright, your grandma is not feeling well. I’ll leave with her. You are an adult and can make your own decision.”


Karen looked so sullen! Why hadn’t she passed out? Before she could speak, Joseph pulled her and headed outside!

“Let go of me! I haven’t done talking to him!”

But Joseph was obviously stronger than her. She looked back angrily, “Listen! You are not allowed to get a divorce.”

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