Chapter 478: Fired or what?

He was staring at Avery, Grey's ex-wife.

Why was she in Italy? Actually, it all seemed suspicious.

Why was Avery in Italy just when Grey lookalike was recently sighted in Italy as well? "Where's he?"

Avery inquired.

Maximo looked at Alex, then at Avery.

"What are you doing here?"

"I'm looking for David and you know that.I'm sure he’s here.Where's he? To get a drink?"

Her gaze searched around quickly for Grey.

"David? Who is David?" Alex asked suddenly.

It was at this moment that Avery turned to look at Alex.Her eyes went wide with shock.

Maximo watched these two for a moment before he stood, took Avery's hand, and walked her away.

Maximo pulled her aside.

"What are you doing? How did you even find me here?"

Avery was still looking at Alex, even from where she stood.

"I know you are a mafia lord but do you seriously roll with someone like Alex?"

Maximo's eyes tightened for a moment.

"You know who Alex is?"

and looked up

doesn't know who Alex is? He is quite popular in Jacksonville especially after his identity was discovered as the

exactly? It's dangerous for you if you

back to me since morning and he

Maximo released an exasperated.

don't you just wait for his call? I will tell

you bother? I can take care of myself.Thank you,"


he saw Avery.She was dressed differently and well, very beautiful.He looked

in the suite safely before you come

nodded once and walked

released a sigh and walked

about the interruption." Alex watched him for a

did you

been thinking of having a

seem to know her too.May I ask

actually something amiss somewhere.Maximo was the head of

doing together? It was really suspicious and she had

David's friend and she wondered why he wasn't around or maybe he

glanced at the screen and realised it was an unknown number.She

"Hello, who is this?"

"David.Here's my number."Avery relaxed.

was in the club after


you were never

my word.Anyways, you could send me the location of the company here so I could come over

be our job on Monday.Where is your place?

will come over to your suite tomorrow.You have a car,

"Yes but_"

because Grey hung up on

he resumed.Grey's phone rang suddenly as he entered his car.It was Monday morning and yes, the time

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