She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess By Fiona Jaramillo Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Negative Articles

Please Bookmark This website.. i will upload daily latest Chapter .. Thanks Everyone looked at the woman in front of them in fear and uncertainty.

Kaylah was wearing a high-end custom-made outfit, and her delicate makeup made her even colder and more breathtaking.

They thought, she is pretty. Yet such a woman should stay at home and be eye candy. She is the legendary heir of the Delgado family, but does she have the ability to manage such a big company?

This is not a game.

“Mr. Galvan, it’s a bit too sudden, isn’t it?”

“Mr. Galvan, taking over the company is a serious matter. Maybe we should discuss it before


Some of the higher-ups who were arrogant because of their status showed disdain, and it was obvious that they didn’t trust Kaylah.

Aryan’s eyes were slightly cold, and he subconsciously wanted to defend Kaylah. Yet she raised her hand and stopped him.

forward. Her rosy lips were slightly raised,

she attracted everyone’s attention.

me to introduce myself. My name is Kaylah

words made many people

is the

Mr. Delgado’s precious younger

still in college, she founded a fashion brand by herself and won an international award. Later, she shorted the stock market and acquired several old companies such as the Roland Group, the Lytton Group,

“It’s her!”

to become famous gradually. Not everyone knew who the heir of the ZiKay Group was,

were well-known.

doubted Kaylah earlier became silent

years had passed, and many people had forgotten about

after she married Hendry. Therefore,

name for a moment till

anyway. Now that Kaylah had returned,

everyone, Kaylah got to the point quickly and led the meeting. After the meeting, she followed Aryan back to the CEO’s

go away and took the upper hand. Seeing that, Aryan was very happy and

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