She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess By Fiona Jaramillo Chapter 13

Please Bookmark This website.. i will upload daily latest Chapter .. Thanks Alondra said, “Did Kaylah find a new boyfriend so quickly?”

“No wonder she was in a hurry to divorce you. Hendry, this sports car looks very expensive. Kaylah can’t afford it herself.”

Alondra only saw a man getting out of the driver’s seat. Before she could see the man’s face clearly, she claimed that he was Kaylah’s new boyfriend.

Feeling the strong hostility from the man beside her, Alondra smiled happily.

She did not expect that Kaylah would actually hook up with someone else.

Alondra thought, I didn’t do anything this time. When Hendry sees Kaylah’s true face, she will have

to leave him.

Hendry also misunderstood. He was very annoyed. Hendry immediately opened the car door and

walked towards Kaylah.

He wanted to see for whom Kaylah was divorcing him.

“Are you meeting with him here? It seems that he hadn’t arrived. How could he be late? It’s rude,

isn’t it?”

to fan himself. He didn’t notice that Hendry was coming from under the

curled her lips and sneered, “He has always treated me

punctual when meeting with a client or someone

for Hendry

for her

had never waited for anyone before. She was the one

He didn’t cherish her after

be divorced now!

waiting for. You should divorce him as soon

into a

Kaylah when she heard

you want to throw into a

Hendry with a gloomy face. And


Aryan’s face when

here?” Alondra was very

man around. But I’m just living my happy life. Any problems? Alondra,


a pitiful appearance. She said, “Aryan,

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