She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess By Fiona Jaramillo Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Divorce

Please Bookmark This website.. i will upload daily latest Chapter .. Thanks Hendry’s face was extremely gloomy. As a proud man, when had he ever heard such harsh words?

However, what Kaylah said was reasonable, and he couldn’t even refute it.

In the end, he could only enter Civic Center Courthouse with a gloomy face.

Because Hendry had informed the staff in advance, the formalities were quickly settled.

Kaylah realized that Hendry had filed for divorce a long time ago. As a result, they quickly got their

divorce papers.

She was originally worried that she might not be able to complete the formalities today, but she did not expect Hendry to give her such a big “surprise”.

It was good. The faster she got rid of him, the sooner she would be free.

Civic Center Courthouse one after the other and stood at

now on, we are strangers who have nothing to do with each other. I

sentence, Kaylah smiled, put away the divorce papers, and walked


sunlight, her figure was so elegant and cheerful as if the heavy burden on her shoulders had disappeared instantly. It was like a shackle had been

made Hendry

much and wanted to marry him wholeheartedly? He ended three years of marriage for

quickly walked forward, wanting to stop Kaylah from talking for a

Aryan and

very much. Can you come back?” Alondra’s tone sounded like she


the way you dealt

“Aryan, you’re my brother…”

me and my brother. Where did you come

choked and said. “I know you hate my mother, but she and our dad really love

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