She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess By Fiona Jaramillo Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Uphold Justice

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He did not realize the importance of the matter when he came and even smiled and made friends with Kaylah.

“Hello, Kaylah. I am your uncle. When you were a child, I even carried you in my arms. After a few years, you have grown up and become more and more beautiful. You are just like your father.”

The one who spoke was Mike Delgado’s cousin. His surname was White, and his first name was


He was not a great relative, and the White family was not rich and noble. It was only because they had some connections with Mike that they led a good life.

Kaylah’s parents died young, and the company was handed over to Zion to manage.

Zion still remembered some elders who had helped him, so he decided to promote Dave to the supervisor of the beauty products team.

Later, Zion single-handedly founded Kayson Consortium and handed the ZiKay Group over to Kaylah, so he did not bother about the ZiKay Group anymore.

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of handing over Research and Development Department, the most important

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very angry and sneered, “You don’t have to act intimately to me. We’re at the company, and it is the working time. I think you should

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“Kaylah, listen to me…”

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call him “Mr. White”. However, when the words came out of Kaylah’s mouth, it made him

Yes… you are right. About this

he just couldn’t give her

anything about this at all, so he couldn’t make up any reason. He

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