She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess By Fiona Jaramillo Chapter 26

Chapter 26 The Little Sheep Changes

Please Bookmark This website.. i will upload daily latest Chapter .. Thanks Normally, she always lived in seclusion. Even if she didn’t attend the banquet, she didn’t get along with Hendry’s friends. She had never cared about how Hendry was doing outside. Although Hendry was married, he was not different from a single person outside. In addition, Hendry was an indifferent person. If he didn’t have a close person to share his pain with, he might as well not get married!

Even Alondra, whom he disliked, would show concern when Hendry was drunk, but what about Kaylah?

Apart from staying at home and living comfortably every day, what else could she do?

Moreover, the things that Kaylah posted online had a bad influence on the Lowery Group. In the end, she made herself the victim. As Hendry’s buddy, how could Rayan not be angry?

“In order to celebrate you being single, I’ll treat you to a drink at the bar today! What do you say?”

For Rayan, drinking was secondary. He actually wanted to see if he could have a romantic


Hendry rolled his eyes at Rayan. “The press conference will be messed up soon. How can you have the mood to drink?”

Only if we’re

Hendry frowned.

expression, Rayan couldn’t

serious. How can a girl

Rayan took out an

to be associated with the organizers of the event. By then, we will

and looked at it. Finally,

right leg is broken. She is

the invitation letter and took

so careless that she broke her

with a poker face, “Kaylah pushed

water when he choked on it and almost spat out the

Has Kaylah, the

Kaylah had always been very weak and excessively

known her for only a short time, but he saw that

dared to show her fierceness shortly after

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