She Returns As A Billionairess

She Returns As A Billionairess By Fiona Jaramillo Chapter 34

Chapter 34 A Misunderstanding

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After sending the message, Rayan put down his phone and stared at Kaylah.

To Rayan’s surprise, apart from being very intimate with the taller man, Kaylah was also very intimate with another man who was more outgoing. The two kept talking and laughing. They even argued from time to time. Their faces were full of joy.

This made Rayan very angry.

Rayan gulped down the wine in the glass and picked up his phone to check Hendry’s reply. However, Rayan found that Hendry actually called him directly.

“Where are you?” Hendry’s voice was extremely cold.

“Purity Bar,” Rayan subconsciously replied.

Hendry did not reply and hung up the phone.

Rayan stared at the phone and was a little dumbfounded.

Rayan thought, what is this? Does Hendry care or not care?

At that time, Rayan felt a little regretful.

Rayan thought, in any case, Kaylah and Hendry have already divorced. The two of them no longer have anything to do with each other. Not to mention that Kaylah only has an affair with two men,

even if she takes the initiative to hook up with twenty men, we have no right to interfere.

Seeing this photo will

There’s nothing else.

unhappy with Kaylah’s behavior.

to make Hendry sad.

“Don’t come over. You don’t have to worry about

boyfriends, and you can find

to a girl some other day. No, ten girls!

sending messages to Hendry, but

be replying to him,

to the

Hendry. However, Hendry only said in a low voice,

was stunned for a moment before understanding what Hendry was

you are divorced now. Even if she really

was calmer than Rayan

I’m just going

stunned by Hendry’s words. Rayan wondered, how could he


that he wanted to go over

what happens, I must stand on Hendry’s side. If Hendry really

today, I must help

followed Hendry to

moment, Kaylah still did not know that she had

and had come

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