Chapter 936

Winnie suddenly felt like something was wrong the more she looked at her.

Why did something seem off with that old woman?

Even though the woman’s face was full of wrinkles, her hair was black and glossy, and the skin on her neck seemed very smooth.

Her hands were pale and soft as well!

It was not the body of an old lady. winnie stared at her unblinkingly before she finally asked: “Who are you?”

“That’s none of your business!”

Winnie walked forward and reached out to claw at Gale’s face. “Are you wearing a mask, or is this makeup? I’ll pull it off…

Gale avoided Winnie.

Shawn and Aurum both stepped forward at the same time when that happened.

Aurum pushed Winnie away. “What are you doing?!”

a few steps from

pulling the two of them apart



balance and

y-you actually pushed me away for this old lady?” Winnie sat up from the ground. “I was so respectful to you, and I treat you well since Natalie is my best friend. How could you do this

mentioned Natalie’s name, Shawn and Gale stared right at

been helping Aurum and had been so

true benefactor. She did not dare to offend Natalie,

was a deep

you do anything to her, it’s

“She’s just a subordinate!”


she to have you be so protective of her?! She came to Temperley Hall while disguised as an old lady.

I am? Winnie, are you that blind? Who would dare to go

it and

slowly said, “Are

admitted it, “Yes!

to fool Nicole with this

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