Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 1: Strange Man 

'‘Why does my marriage end up like this?’' That was the very first thought of Christina when she saw the strange man coming out of the bathroom.

She was never that kind of person who believed that when one door shuts, another opens, till she met him.

Christina felt that there was something wrong with her marriage.

Her husband had courted her passionately and sincerely back then.

He even couldn't wait to marry her when she just completed her undergraduate studies.

She was only 21 at that time.

She couldn't understand why it turned out to be a loveless and sexless marriage.

They slept in the same bed, but he never had sex with her.

However, after that night, everything changed.

That night, she had been led to a high-end hotel by her husband.

She thought her three-year asexual marriage had finally come to an end, but she didn't expect that it was all a plot by her beloved husband.

She lay on her side on a big white bed, sore and fragile.

She was still a little uncomfortable, and her memory was vague, but she knew that her husband had taken her V card.

Although he was not gentle, she still felt sweet and happy.

After getting married for three years, they finally made love.

But when she looked at the handsome man in the bathrobe who was not the man she had known for three years, she panicked.

Before Christina could say anything, the man was the first to say, "Why are you still here?"

His cold voice was filled with discontent.

but manly, attracting her

at the strange man in front of her in disbelief, "Who

She didn't know him.

was a complete stranger to

are you? Why are you here?"

me here and this is our suite.How could this strange man be here? Where is Cory?’’ Christina grabbed the blanket in panic

the bed, "How did you get in? Where's my husband? Where

and cold, and he

He looked impatient.

out his

blanket wrapped on her body

His voice was cold, and a hint of contempt rose from the


screamed in fear and

man was wearing a soft white

wet short hair to his cheek, his sexy jaw, and then onto his

sexy bomb and the more she got shy, the more embarrassed and angry

The man's voice was very cold, but his eyes fell on her

Christina's mind went blank.

to what the man

‘dear’ husband? Was it

react, she

leaned forward, his burning chest close to

and kissed


The very next moment, Christina fell heavily on the bed.She came back to her senses, struggled against his chest, which however made the man hornier.Christina felt the man's eagerness, and she was frightened.All her struggles were futile, which made her anxious and

her right

head and took the initiative to deepen

man was surprised by her initiative and he was in a daze, so Christina grasped the opportunity to take a bite at the tip of

made him immediately

but she took the opportunity to

quickly got up from the

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