Spoil My Errant Wife

Chapter 34: Cold and Distant Attitude 

Patrick had been very busy these days.

Christina heard he went to New York on business.

Christina enjoyed the big bed when Patrick was abroad.

However, Mr.Hopkins wanted her not to be so lazy.

He also specifically told Patrick that no matter how busy he was, he had to come back on Sunday to ‘have the class’.

She thought Patrick would ignore Old Master, but she didn't expect him to agree to return before Sunday.

"Maybe he wants to come back to see his Miss Jones."

Christina flipped through the entertainment magazines expressionlessly.

Cecilia was so popular now that she could see her advertisement everywhere.

It was all thanks to Patrick.

"Cecilia, you've been on the popular search list ever since the kiss mark thing.Today, your fans are over ten million, and the advertisers are making an appointment..."

Anne, the manager, walked into the dressing room excitedly.

Halfway through, she asked, "Cecilia, what's wrong? Are you in a bad mood?"

The woman in front of the dressing table had completely lost her delicate demeanor.

She looked angry and turned around to scold the makeup artist behind her.

"Get out!"

There were only the two of them left in the dressing room.

The manager, Anne, thought for a while and asked, "Has Mr.Hopkins not come to see you since you jumped into the lake last time?"

Hearing this, Cecilia's face became increasingly sullen.

Anne guessed suspiciously, "Mr.Hopkins didn't stay with you that day? Mr.Shepherd and I saw you two lying in bed..."

"Stop saying!" Cecilia looked angry.

"Don't be so angry.Even if Mr.Hopkins didn't stay for the night, at least he came over immediately when he heard the news that you jumped into the lake.He was still concerned about you...’ The manager comforted her slowly.

"Anne, do you know that I'm especially worried about that Christina..."

Cecilia said through clenched teeth.

"Christina? The second married woman who got pregnant and married into Hopkins Family?"

The manager was stunned for a moment and then sneered.

"Cecilia, you don't have to worry at all.That woman is just your substitute.Think about it.You've disappeared for three years, and there are no other women around Mr.Hopkins.He only thought of her as you that night because he missed you so much.To be honest, I think that Christina is rather pathetic."


Cecilia quickly retorted with suppressed uneasiness in her eyes, "Anne, you don't know..."

Cecilia's expression became a little complicated and she hesitated to say, "I, I used to be with Patrick, but we, we never had sex."


How could this be possible? The manager was shocked.

"I'm especially worried right now.This Christina is pregnant.If they fall in love with each other, Patrick will forget about me.Without Patrick, how am I going to continue my career..."

Cecilia's face was full of unwillingness, and when she mentioned Christina's pregnancy, there was a fit of undisguised jealousy in her eyes.

Why could Christina be so lucky and get pregnant? If she was the one who was pregnant, she would have been the young madam of the Hopkins Family! The manager patted her on the shoulder and comforted her.

that they just had the marriage license.Even the wedding was canceled by Mr.Hopkins himself.After giving birth to the baby,

not the same.You two used to be lovers, and now everyone respects you.Mr.Hopkins

heard this, her beautiful eyebrows

her career was at its peak and no one

chance to remind her who the

glared at herself in the mirror with


really came back

"Patrick, are you tired?"

out of the classroom

at seven in the morning and accompanied her

time to rest, and

him asking if he was tired, he paused and looked at her

are you

little uncomfortable with his

immediately turned his head and did

about me? Does that count?’’ Christina

he was probably under the pressure of Mr.Hopkins to accompany her to the

opposite square and sit for a

her eyes fixed on

him to sit down and rest for a

Patrick nodded an agreement.

two of them walked side by side

out a stone chair under the shade of a tree and sat

Patrick sat beside her.

already passed half a month, today was 14th. Tomorrow would be

a vendor selling cute lanterns across the street and she shook

be held in Hopkins Family tomorrow?

asked, "Are

when Patrick heard this, his

was as if the lantern festival was a taboo that could not

the change in

you?" She didn't

seemed to

didn't answer her, but

about to ask, a new message came from

"Who is this?"

phone, but suddenly his eyes turned cold and his voice sounded

was opening the new message on WhatsApp and

memories and thought she was guilty and refused to

even more

is this? Brother Charlie? Christina.Don't forget, you're

was tinged with a warning."It's

up and retorted

froze when he heard

the other side and said in a strange voice,

He had misunderstood her.

not care much about this, but Patrick seemed to

said the lantern festival


answer her, and he

to Christina's WhatsApp, she was very


complained bitterly and handed

the ‘Invincible Tina’ WhatsApp nickname and paused for a moment before raising

her eyes, and began to wonder if her name was really too

what do you think

him and

raised his eyebrows and saw her nervous face.He reached

"Very good."

said those two

smiling eyes, and

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