"I was truly drunk when the car accident happened.I wanted to catch up with you, but I didn't really want to bump into your car.My car was tampered with by someone.The person who did this obviously wanted to kill you.Your opponent is just like you.Trying to kill you by my hand, how cruel"

Cory looked at him fiercely, with some hatred.

"But after the incident, all blame was put directly on Christina.They were all saying that I had a grudge with Christina, and that you are the victim...No matter what the people outside have said, Patrick, you yourself know in your heart that you have implicated Christina.Don't think how great you saved her.You are her greatest disaster"

Cory was a little agitated, gritting his teeth, with unwillingness and anger.

"Without you, Christina would have lived a better life.."

Cory could finish his words.

Patrick's face darkened, reached out his right hand, and grabbed Cory by his neck, pushing him so hard against the wall that he couldn't move.

"Patrick, you, are you guilty...Or are you nervous.."

Cory said intermittently as he tried to break open his five fingers.

"Christina loves you very much now.Her love is no less good compared with a man's love.She's headstrong and stubborn, but she can risk anything."

Cory was angry and shook off this gripping with both hands.

He then subconsciously stepped back to the left.

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