Christina sat quietly in the corner, looking around in boredom, while someone was casting a complicated and earnest look at her.

Their eyes met and she was stunned, "What's wrong?"

Patrick glanced at her with a strange look in his eyes.

Subconsciously, she stood up and wanted to walk towards them.

But as soon as Christina straightened up, she saw Charles laughing wildly over there.

She vaguely felt that Charles was teasing her.

As usual, Patrick didn't say much, but only raised half a glass of wine, clinked it with Chandler across from him, and drank up.

Christina slowly sat back in her seat, feeling that she might think too much, "They were drinking together.And Charles had a sinister smile.He must be making fun of me."

Charles was indeed speaking ill of her, "Now Christina is spoiled by you, vicious and willful.No man would dare to marry her except for Patrick.If Patrick really divorces her one day, she probably won't be able to remarry for the rest of her life.But if that really happens, remember to tell me then, and I going to see that with my eyes.”

Charles laughed off his head.He hated that woman deeply.

Although it was not possible, he felt inexplicably good at the thought of it.

Christina would not be arrogant anymore without Patrick.

Chandler was a little upset after the divorce.

But when he came to this party and saw his friend's heartless smile, he chuckled with his lips raised slightly.

"Patrick, I heard from Old Master of the Shepherd Family that you agreed to let Charles be the godfather of your twins?"

Chandler said with a hint of ridicule.

Thinking of this, Charles sighed, "I will become a godfather"' 

Patrick looked at his two friends, expressionless.

Chandler's lips were spread in a gloating smile, while Charles looked so excited.

Patrick ignored them.

The only "normal" person among his friends was Derek.

But Derek...

"What happened?"

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still a child, so they must find him if case of some

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his cell phone and touched the screen a few

a red dot indicating the location

to the nanny and said calmly, "Geoffrey is in this coffee shop.You come to pick him up now.If you need

"Yes, sir."

The nanny was nervous.

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nanny hurried to the coffee shop without delay

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the wristwatch in his small backpack

"What's this?"

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the backpack calmly and took two 100-dollar bills

the two 100-dollar bills over and said, "Here you

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