At noon, the maid specially called Christina to the Main Residence for a meal.She was a little unhappy, but Hopkins Family had no rules except to have breakfast together.

Christina thought that she was called to eat with them.

"Christina, you're getting fatter and fatter..."

When she went to the Main Residence unwillingly, she heard Charles tease her from afar.She hadn't seen him for more than a month, but he was still such a bastard.

Christina stared at him with a straight face.

In the past, she would have scolded him, but now...She looked down at her bloated figure and pinched her waist, feeling very sad and angry.

Where was her waist? She was so fat now that she didn't even have a waist.

Patrick naturally pulled her to sit beside him.

He was used to their quarrel and ignored them.

Besides, Christina would be more lively when Charles was here.

But now Christina's expression was so grim.She was indeed very unhappy.

Women hated it when people mentioned the word "Fat"

It would pierce into their heart.

In particular when their husbands were so outstanding, and the women outside were extremely coveting them.

Christina moved her butt away from Patrick.She gave herself up as hopeless and shouted, "Patrick, don't talk to me anymore.When I become a ball, you can find a beautiful lover yourself"

Many female celebrities and models were afraid of getting fat when they were young and didn't want to have children.

To be honest, for women who loved beauty, giving birth to children would pay a lot.

Patrick laughed when he heard what Christina said.

"That's good"

He used his large palm to fondle the hair on her neck, and the tip of his cool hand brushed the skin around her neck.

After Christina became pregnant, it was probably because of hormones that her skin became more delicate and watery.

"What's so good? Don't think I don't know what you guys are thinking’' Christina had been protesting with Patrick countless times.

She didn't want to eat so many tonics, but Patrick said it was all for the baby's sake.

And he shamelessly put his hands on her breasts, which had gotten larger, and said that it was better to have larger breasts.

Damn it! 

with a plan for me to get back in shape after childbirth.I'm

know how to write the word 'self- contemptuous'? You're such a thick-skinned

think you are the reincarnation of the favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang, who completely wrecked the country and brought

talking about? Christina's eyes

twisted her head and shouted at Patrick beside her, "Even if I go on a hunger

die! This was the basic principle

temper, but when he heard that she wanted to go on a hunger strike,

and was so scared that he couldn't

her recovery after childbirth, and the man beside her was so

anything to appease Christina, he would

high heels, have big breasts, thin waist, and graceful figure.Anyway, they are other men's, so we always give them strict requirements.However, our own women

to her,

saw you change so many girlfriends, but

nothing about it.I haven't

she watched the butler

seemed that someone

to have meals except breakfast, then who else would come? Christina looked around curiously and said undesignedly, "Charles, what are your requirements for your

wait for someone, so he thought about it seriously for a while and said, "Actually, there's no

"Big breasts."

grabbed an apple from the

"Patrick, control your wife..."

think I don't dare to fight


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and calm and naturally disliked

maids standing on both sides looked

to make such a fuss,

took a big apple and gave it to

so freely, he also laughed

Charles was helpless.

wife bully his friend again, and now he

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up as

glanced those "presumptuous"young people with his muddy old eyes.And he had a dignified expression on his face, making people not

had been keeping a distance from Christina recently, so Christina straightened up and immediately

Old Master Mr.Hopkins ordered without

on Patrick's face was fleeting, and he became as cold and calm

naturally hugged the woman next to him and walked straight to the

when he often scolded her

she would admit defeat, and Patrick would

Barbara noticed Patrick's pure smile sensitively

gentle that he even looked at

smile never

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