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Spoil My Sweet Widow Novel Chapter 640

Chapter 640

Crystal didn’t expect that Antony would actually come to be an instructor. She took a closer look at the people who were playing basketball with him. Freud, Mason, Leroy… All his friends were there.

Annette was about to go crazy. “I’ll take back what I said last night! The handsome guys in our school are not that outstanding. The instructors this year are awesome. Look at their faces and muscles…”

Crystal, *…*

Crystal didn’t think that either of them was handsome, so she could only try to be perfunctory. “Well, they’re not bad.”

“Not bad?!” Annette was shocked and asked Natalie, “What about you? What do you think?”

Natalie said, “Not as good-looking as my ex.”

Annette was speechless.

scored a three-pointer, and all the girls around cheered. He wiped his sweat with a

ah, ah!” Annette screamed, “Is he smiling

“…” Yes, he was

“Crystal is also here… Why didn’t you arrange her to your

kind of special treatment?” Antony said, “The other instructors won’t bully her.”

you can still speak human language.” Freud said, “Didn’t you refuse to accept this task previously? Do you dare

Antony was speechless.

dare to

the military posture. Matilda was obviously targeting Crystal. After the others dispersed, she insisted that Crystal’s movements were not standard and asked her

today, and Crystal had stood nearly one-third of the time longer than others. She was a little dizzy. She

“Go ahead.”

seem to have heatstroke…” Crystal pursed her dry lips.

have you been standing there for? Stop putting on an act! I’ve seen so many people like you.” Matilda looked at her watch and said, “Stand there for another

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