Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Authors:Luminous Night
Num Chapters:2448
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Lily Christian’s former lover had cheated on her, resulting in five wasted years of their relationship going down the drain. Her former lover and his new b*tch even conspired to take advantage of Lily Christian, so what else could she do besides make them pay for what they did and reclaim everything that belonged to her? It was time for payback! A man wrapped his arms around Lily Christian’s waist as he instigated, “Honey, you’re being too soft on them. Why don’t I buy you a bulldozer so you can run them over with it?” Lily Christian was shocked, yet from that moment on, with the man’s help, she began to plan her revenge.

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Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Spoiled by Mr. Russell

2448 Chapters

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