Chapter 28

Lily almost stretched her finger to touch Alexander's tanned skin and well-built muscles. She gulped subconsciously. “Lily? Lily?!” Nathaniel suspected Lily had hung up the phone whenhe did not get a response, so he kept calling her name.

Lily widened her eyes as she watched Alexander's tall figure lean toward her.

His handsome face was getting closer and closer.

She held her breath, and then…

When their lips got close, Alexander turned sideways and gently kissed Lily on her cheek near her ear.

Then he straightened his back and went straight into the walk-in closet.

Thud! The phone slipped from Lily's hand and rolled on the carpet.

phone fell

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was still on the other end of the call waiting for Lily’s response,

the hell are you doing?!Are you even listening to me?" Lily squatted to pick up her phone and calmly wiped

me," she said after confirming she did not damage her

to tolerate her until they settled theirmatters during the press

press conference I mentioned earlier is

Come to MN Inc.

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and said slowly, "Lily, I'm sure you’re aware of how much this incident

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to happen to it, do you? Listen, I knowI might make you feel aggrieved this time, but the company will become more popular and

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