A commotion broke out, and Rhea frowned—she did not expect Fred to do this all of a sudden.

Fred held up his hands to calm everyone down, saying, “We can’t afford to make mistakes due to the experiment’s complexity. So you all must stay here to make preparations. Besides…” After a pause, he glared at everyone. “As I said before, I don’t tolerate betrayals or people who can’t keep their mouths shut. So please bear with me for the experiment’s sake.

“Rest assured that I will provide meals as usual, but you’ll have to hand over any communication devices.” As soon as he said that, the guards took away everything they had on them.

protest, one of the guards snatched her phone away. As no one was allowed to bring any communication devices into the laboratory before this, most devices the guards confiscated consisted of media players

in satisfaction when he saw what

come forward. “We have all been loyal to you and have put our best effort into the project. We will never tell a soul about it.” With one hand propped on the table, Fred sneered. “Oh, yeah? Well,

to protest, and the man who spoke

Fred’s guards stopped Rhea while he looked over his shoulder. He saw it was Rhea and waved the guards off, allowing Rhea to jog over. “Your Grace, why did you make such an abrupt decision?” “Why?

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