‘How can I die just like that? How can I undergo an experiment that we can’t prove will work?’

Fred knew the success rate was low and only dared to proceed with the experiment because he was not the test subject. Now that he had become one, he would never do it.

“It’s okay. I was just asking for fun.” The queen smiled, having guessed his response correctly. She waved and said, “Let’s begin now.”

Someone soon seized Fred and brought him toward the operating table.

“No! No!” Fred shrieked. “You can’t do this to me, Your Majesty! The experiment still needs me. You still need me!”

The queen sneered. “You acted so differently when I was the test subject. Why? Is the experiment scary? Didn’t you claim the success rate is high and there won’t be any risks? What are you afraid of now?”

spoke coldly and turned toward the person holding Nick’s hand.

pinned Fred onto one while one of

hired. She had outsmarted him entirely.Books Chapters Are Daily Updated Join

me. Your Majesty!” Struggling,

a pale expression. She only

and quickly said, “He’s at Hyderland’s remote mountains. If I die, no one will know where he

even if you do. Don’t you want your son anymore?!” he shouted, trying to bargain for a chance to

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