Chapter 35 

"But I don’t even know him." James smiled.

"Hmm, I have no idea what’s all this about then."

"Who cares who he is? Let’s eat.Oh, wait...Let me take a few pictures and post them up.My followers would go crazy!"

David took his phone out and started snapping pictures of everything.

Soon, the food arrived.

Beautiful waitresses presented course after course.

Whether in terms of presentation, taste, or smell, the food served was extremely appetizing.

The tables were soon full of delicious food.

Once all the food arrived, a group of women started dancing on the mini stage in front of the room.

They were so attractive that Benjamin and David could not take their eyes off them.

Throughout the meal, the Callahans were in a state of shock.

There was so much food in the Diamond Room that they could not finish.

In fact, they barely ate a fraction of it.

"Oh no..."

Gladys came to a realization after she finished eating, smacking herself in the forehead.

"I heard that eating at the Diamond Room would cost at least a million dollars."

million won’t cut

bottle of red

had a few bottles, haven’t


at what James said.Quickly, he

"I-I didn’t open them."

left the room, he did some digging about the Black Dragon.He also asked his closest family members

Graysons were an upper-class family in the

managed to get

as Bryan saw James, he shuddered involuntarily.He almost

God.Th-the Black Dragon

not take it easy, sprinting to the

Knock knock.

then, someone knocked on the door.It was Bryan, who had a

madam, and everyone else here, is

was great when they were bragging outside, but now, they did not have the

was her personal savings.She

you finished?" Bryan



"Y-yes.I’m done."

produced a card studded with

hands, he

diamond member card.

"No, I can’t..."

out of her seat and waved

would do much to elevate her status,

meal alone was going

member card, they still would not be able to

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