Chapter 37

Thea stood in front of the mirror, looking at her perfect face. She was shocked. James had told her over and over again that she would recover, but she was still surprised. His medical skills were nothing short of miraculous. 

“Jamie, you’re amazing. There are no scars at all even though my face was badly injured.” James smiled. 

“I can’t take credit for it. It was all Henry. He taught me everything I needed to know.” 

Thea touched her smooth face. 

“This formula will be so popular if the public learns of it. Can you imagine marketing this product at a beauty salon? Business would be booming!” James said, “Henry doesn’t care about fame and fortune. All he wants is to live an ordinary life.” 

Thea pressed her lips into a line. 

“How odd. How could he not like money?” 

Knock knock knock 

Someone knocked on the door. 

be punctual. If he gets angry and revokes our shares because we’re late, I

almost ready. Give me a few more minutes,” Thea said as

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looking at Thea. Thea was wearing a thin dress that was slightly translucent. It showed off her excellent figure, especially her long legs. He said, “You look beautiful in anything.”

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 “This one?” 


for me outside while I get changed.” Thea

her, Thea slept on the bed while James took the

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may have been James’ wife, but they had only held hands. They had not

Thea. He would not force her into anything


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emerged from the room.

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