Chapter 25 

As ten percent was a substantial amount, she was worried that grandfather would not agree to it.The only thing she could do now was wait.

Soon, Howard returned to Common Clinic.Alone this time, he had the transfer agreement for the shares with him.

"Thea, dad has signed the agreement.Once Benjamin signs here, he will own ten percent of the family’s shares.Now that you have the transfer agreement, could you call Alex and tell him to resume the partnership with Eternality?"

Thea studied the agreement carefully.Once she verified that it was authentic, she cheered in joy.

"Jamie, grandfather has agreed! Yes! Finally, my dad will have some standing...."

"Thea, please call Alex.The trucks are at Eternality taking the materials away.Once we get this out of the way, we can celebrate properly later," Howard said.

Thea looked at James.

James nodded, saying, "Call him."

"S-should I?"

Thea was nervous.

a favor after all, not her.James

made the call and explained the situation to Alex.He did not hesitate, and the partnership was

sigh of

percent of the shares, the funds would multiply as long as they had the partnership with Eternality.The Callahans’ business would boom

ten days.Remember to drop by then.I'll be going now," Howard

and tell dad the good news!" Thea dragged James behind

so happy.He went home

The door was closed.

was extremely nervous as she held

she knocked

Soon, the door opened.

in her twenties wearing a dress and sandals stood there.She was David’s

Alyssa looked disgusted.

she said, "Why are you here? Dad and mom don’t want

door with a slam.David's voice rang

"Alyssa? Who was that?"

Alyssa said, "Nobody."

opened the door and saw her holding a contract, tears pooling in her eyes.He pulled her in

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