Chapter 6

Early the next morning, James received a call from Thea.

“Hey honey, I’ve managed to get in touch with my classmate. She’s willing to help and has set an appointment up with the chairman, Alex Yates. Where are you? Let’s go to Celestial Group’s office now and secure the order. Grandfather will accept you then!” Thea’s excited voice sounded through the phone.

“Wait for me at home. I’ll pick you up in a bit.”

After hanging up, James rolled out of bed and got ready at top speed.

“Where are we going, James?”

Henry was already waiting with the car.

“To Thea’s.”

“Hop in.”

James complied. With Henry at the wheel, they reached Thea’s place in no time. They waited for her outside.

Thea appeared soon.

As she was going to meet the chairman of Celestial Group, Thea had put in extra effort to groom herself. Wearing a pretty, form-fitting dress and her black hair hanging loose over her shoulders, she was a vision to behold indeed.


Having seen the black multi-purpose vehicle approach from a distance, Thea jogged up to the car with a joyful expression on her face, saying, “My classmate pulled out all the stops. She’s made the appointment for us, so all we have to do is show up at Celestial Group’s office.”

James smiled thinly.

It had nothing to do with her classmate at all. If he had not spoken with Alex Yates, there would not be any appointment to speak of.

However, seeing as Thea was so happy, he decided not to spoil it. Instead, he complimented her. “I knew it. You’ve got this, darling. It’s all up to you now. If we don’t get the order, I’m out.”

Thea smiled brilliantly. “Don’t worry. I won’t let that happen.”

She might still be hazy about the details of James’ background, but she had been to his villa before.

The House of Royals was the poshest villa in Cansington, and it had a hefty price tag attached to it. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry would not be able to afford it.

he was hers. Now,

Thea. Even though she had been a laughing stock for years and years, she kept up with her studies at home and was an

“Let’s go, darling.”

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said, “Henry, to

She said, “Honey, did

the leaders of The Great

of the Xaviers, Warren was famous.

the Xaviers’ banquet last

Celestial Group. Now that Megatron would

was also Warren

beheaded Warren and took his head with him. News spread fast,

relevant departments were investigating


at Thea’s question. “I went straight to bed after I got home last night. I didn’t

right,” Thea said. “The Xaviers are the leaders of The Great Four, and their businesses span various industries. Megatron Group alone, belonging to them, is more powerful than all the Callahan’s businesses added up, and

want to marry the Xaviers so

smiled a little. “Didn’t you have a chance yesterday? Divorce me, and


much ridicule for my liking. To them, I’m nothing but a joke. I know full well who’s treating me sincerely. I don’t care about marrying the rich.

a blissful expression

James squeezed Thea’s hand.

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road. Soon, they reached Celestial Group’s

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an impressive, eight-story

and Thea exited the

at the imposing building,

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work skirt approached them. When she saw Thea standing at the entrance,

sent her a picture, but she did not believe it. She was forced

looked envious as she noticed

to them, she asked

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