Chapter 11

"Moonlit Flowers on Cliffside's Edge..." James muttered to himself.

That painting was his family's most important heirloom.

Before his grandfather died, he told James that their family could be wiped out, but that painting was the one thing they could not lose.

It remained in James's mind, even after ten years.

"Get ready. We act tonight."

"Understood." Henry nodded.

"Alright, you should leave. My wife's about to get off work. She doesn't want me to be around knaves and hooligans, and it's obvious from your appearance alone that you're not a good guy. If my wife saw you, I'd be in for another lecture."

Henry's expression fell.

He was just slightly darker-skinned. Why does that make him a hooligan? Why would that make him a bad guy?

"Don't just stand there, get lost." James sent a kick his way.

Henry turned and left.

James glanced at the time. Thea's work had ended. She would be coming out any moment.

He pushed his electric motorcycle along and made his way to the Callahans' Eternality Group. Before he could approach the entrance, however, he spotted a woman walking out of the building.

She was five foot ten, clad in formal business attire that consisted of a white button-down shirt, a black pencil skirt, and red heels.

Her chestnut-colored wavy hair framed her face, and the way she walked with a briefcase in her hand conveyed a powerful confidence about her.


A man walked up to her at that moment, holding out a bouquet of flowers. "These are for you, Thea. Are you free tonight? I've booked a private room in The Drunken Fairy tonight. I'd love to take you out for dinner."

the Frasiers, one

apparent friendship with Alex Yates, the chairman of Celestial Group, was exposed, the Callahan’s fame grew exponentially. Thea, too, became

also highly competent as chairwoman of Eternality. She managed to

her growing fame, she

unknown. The heirs to wealthy families ignored his existence and continued pursuing Thea in hopes of

stunning smile, ignoring Brandon as she made her way toward him. She kissed James, then hugged his arm

room in The Drunken Fairy and wants me to have dinner with him. I haven’t

you. You should go. Take me with you, too, if he’s okay with

to them. “James Caden? I’m Brandon Frasier,” he said coldly and held out a

I accept

you should, though. You’d be able

“I’ll take it, then.”

smile as he accepted

money and get lost. From now onwards, Thea will have nothing to

get our divorce sorted right now.” James nodded. “Hop

back seat and wrapped her arms around James’s waist. They then drove away under Brandon’s bewildered

fooled. He threw the bouquet of flowers he had been holding onto the ground, glaring after James,

motorcycle. Once home, Thea sat

the one Brandon gave the divorce fee to. This is my

amenities, your clothes. What do you need money for? I’ll save the money for when

card over. “But this keeps happening, my dearest. Adding up all the money everyone’s given me to break up with you in these ten days, there’d be more than two million by now.

“What money?”

voice came

Thea said hurriedly as she hid the

me, you little brat? I heard everything! Divorce fees, two million… hand it

it really was


shot him a glare. "I'm talking to my daughter. This is none of your business! Look at the time! Shouldn't you be making dinner? Go on,


headed to the

ready. They

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