Chapter 2526

James used Sacrilegious Ascension and the dragon bones’ power to forcibly increase his strength to the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage. As his strength increased drastically, this attracted the attention of many powerful figures.

Meanwhile, faced against James, whose strength was equivalent to the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage, Lucifer only smiled faintly. Though James was strong, he was no match for him.

“Come on, James! Where are your Infinity Steles?” he said smilingly

Lucifer looked forward to James using everything at his disposal so that he could fight him to his heart’s content.

“I have no need for them.” James smiled faintly.

“Infinity Steles?”

The crowd overheard their conversation.

“Could he be from Earth?”

Caden of Earth?”

a human?”

Many were bewildered.

each other, they formed a brand-new

sky underwent some changes and transformed

white lightning tribulation descended from the sky and struck James with terrifying force.

James casually waved his hand, and True Elemental Essence materialized in his palm. This True Essence contained all five elements. As the elements gathered, they interwove and restrained

True Essence easily deflected the lightning tribulation. As the lightning tribulation dispersed,


Many were stunned.

was wearing


“To cultivate Elemental Inversion, one would first need to cultivate an Elemental Holy Body. I truly underestimated you, James. Congratulations, you

Even the Heavenly Tribulation of the Tribulation Rank’s Third Stage was deflected. Besides, this was not an ordinary Heavenly Tribulation. This was the hardest one

increases his strength once more, he’s now equivalent

in this world to have increased

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