Chapter 3

None of the Callahans bothered to look for Thea even though she had been gone for ten days.

To the Callahans, Thea was the black sheep of the family and the laughing stock of Cansington. If it were not for Thea, the Callahans’ business would be booming.

Once Thea had recovered, she picked up her marriage certificate with James and they went home together.

Lex Callahan had three sons.

According to birth order, they were Howard, John, and Benjamin.

Benjamin was shunned by his own family because of Thea. It did not matter that he worked hard, expanding the family business by leaps and bounds.

At home, he did not have any rank, status, or authority whatsoever.

Benjamin might be a Callahan Group manager, but he had no shares in the company. All he got was a fixed salary each month with no bonus. As such, he was struggling to make ends meet.

It was true that he had bought a house, but there was still the mortgage to pay off every month.

“This is my home, Jamie.”

Pointing to the doors, Thea said, “It’s nothing compared to the palace you live in though.”

James took her hand in his and smiled. “Home is wherever you are.”

Thea smiled. Approaching the entrance, she knocked on the door gently.

Gladys opened the door.

She was slightly shocked to see a beautiful girl and an unfamiliar man. She asked, “Can I help you?”

“Mom,” Thea said.

Gladys was stunned upon hearing this beautiful girl call her mom.

“Mom, I’m Thea. Your daughter.”


Gladys was shocked. Looking at the girl in front of her, she was confused. “Y-You’re Thea?”

“It’s me, mom. My scars are all gone now.”

“Hi, mom,” James added.

Gladys thought that she would never recover

Thea said, “Mom, grandfather picked him as

to her side quickly. Coldly, she said to James, “I’ve never acknowledged you as

you? You… Your face and

the past ten days. I’ve recovered now, and will no longer be a humiliation to the family,” Thea choked

be the laughing stock of Cansington. Her parents were barely able to show

have left you alone to deal with it. You’ve

pulled Thea into the

recovered her looks, Gladys had other

a rich man instead of

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the family villa now. I’ll have the old

time, dragging Thea


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looking like he did not have a care in

villa’s foyer, looking at the beautiful girl standing next to Gladys


who was disfigured for

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“Thea, is that you?”

Is their technology so advanced that

The Callahans were gobsmacked.

the beautiful girl in front of them was the same

What did she do?

With Thea’s looks, she could marry someone rich from a prestigious family. How could she marry

on the couch, Lex stared at

struggling to keep

recover her looks in just

He nodded his head, saying, “You’re right. There are still many eligible bachelors among Cansington’s most


James. Now that James

Gladys slapped Thea across the face. She yelled, “What do you see in this

to her cheek. “I’ll cut my face up if you push

Gladys trembled in

at how beautiful you are now. You could marry well and enjoy an easy life.

all this time, spoke up. Looking around at the Callahans, he said mildly, “I don’t care about being part of your family either way, but this is between

gave you permission

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