Xzavion said hurriedly, “Wait, what? If you’re already aware, shouldn’t we go help?” “Yeah? If they seize control, it could spell total destruction for the Ying World.” Stephen added hastily.

Clayton silently drank his wine, saying nothing in response.

At that moment, a blurred figure flashed over and morphed into a beautiful woman.

Leuko said, “You're too naive.

With our strength, we’d not be of any help and would just be obliterated into nothingness.

When Leuko appeared, Stephen was startled and quickly sought refuge behind Clayton.

However, Xzavion addressed her directly, “Do you intend to just watch the Ying World go down?” Leuko glanced at Stephen dissatisfiedly first before responding, “ The Ying World won’t necessarily be destroyed.

We still have three options to save it.” Xzavion’s eyes lit up with anticipation as he asked, “What are they? Quick, tell me.” Leuko said slowly, “The first option is to wait for the Chosen One.

seclusion, we’ll have a

likelihood is slim, and

bringing it up if it’s foolish?” Leuko shot him a glare, causing

do we relocate?” Leuko crossed her arms, walked over slowly, and said, “Clayton will have to lead the Ying World’s elites out of the Yin’s void in search of a new home

this, we can preserve the Ying World’s strength.” Xzavion questioned, “The Genesis Worlds are fragments of the Tai Chi

graves?” Leuko replied coldly, “Then we’ll have to lay

the humiliation and engrave

Stephen interrupted, saying,

seniors would

wary of Tai

in astonishment, “Us?

from Hongrome Essence, and you’re from Chaos

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