James had a dazed look on his face.

A few seconds later, he burst out laughing.

“You can be a bit more honest with yourself.” The woman gave a small snort.

“I can give you what you want if you are willing to do the same for me.” James took it that the woman was in a way telling him she would accept his advances if James had such intentions.

He sipped the Chaos Absinthe whilst trying to suppress the restless feeling inside him.

“Were you born with the Soul Enchantment Art? Or did you learn it from someone?” The woman's brows arched.

“Are you trying to say that’s the reason for the lustful thoughts in your head now? I’ll be frank.

I’ve always kept my true appearance hidden, not because I want to maintain a mysterious or elusive image.

It’s only because I want to avoid the troubles that may arise from having an unnecessarily beautiful face.” James smirked.

“You truly are the most narcissistic and thick- skinned person I’ve ever met.” Yehria snapped, “Why you—” “Calm down.” James chuckled.

you are the most beautiful woman

way by using your beautiful appearance? Just because you are beautiful, anything you

you have numerous Zymurgian supreme beings who are your admirers and have fallen for your looks,” James continued, “ You can even take advantage of

one of those men.” “T wasn’t expecting that to happen either.”

want to make one thing

are the first person who has seen my actual appearance.” “Well, I guess I must

by relying on the

the opportunities that came my way.” “Opportunities that were shamelessly given to you by

with the

you want, then?” Yehria fixed her gaze on


get revenge for me and my

to be reborn again eighty-one times, whereas I suffered unfair treatment because of

sip of the Chaos

fell on

did not want to admit it, but there was just something mesmerizing and irresistible about

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