Lesia was James’ second body and was supposedly inseparable.

Even if the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell was destroyed, she could restore it.

Fennec and Hemera had followed him into the Chaos Storm and reached the Yitro Daeclon Rank.

He wondered why she had not come with him and if she had an unspeakable reason.

Suddenly, James remembered Lesia had a mysterious background.

He clasped his hands at Chuba and Zemra.

“T have a question that I hope you can answer.” Zemra said smilingly, “I’m sure it’s more than just one question.

Cut straight to the chase.

We’ll answer before we perish.” After a brief pause, James inquired about Lesia’s identity.

had to use Lesia’s real name,

at each other in confusion after listening to James’

Do you two not know much about her?” Zemra looked at James

with you for so long, but you don’t even know who she is?” James shrugged and said awkwardly, “We’re

pry.” zemra replied, “Since she doesn’t want you to know, we

James was slightly let down by

up his disappointment and encouraged, “You’ll find

told you, then it’s not

be overstepping if we told you

on the brink of death, we don’t want to have any regrets.”

said leisurely, “It's almost time

to have fought a powerhouse like

go without

dwell on

current strength, can I

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