Chapter 7151

While groaning, Zaila and the military advisor fell at James' feet. They spat out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, the longsword used by Zaila to control the Divine Army fell to the ground and was grabbed by James.

Looking at the dazzling longsword in his hand, James smiled evilly. "Febby, you finally did something good."

Upon hearing that, Marius who was in the void frowned. Then, he burst into laughter.

Zaila, who was slumped on the ground, stared at James with hatred." You're the Chosen One, yet you insist on going against the Path and doing evil. You will die without a burial place and face endless tribulations."

James wasn't enraged. He played with the longsword in his hand and said," You keep saying I went against the Path. The Path you believe in is just a tyrant. If you follow it, you will prosper. If you don't, you will perish."

Upon hearing that, Zaila became furious. "I'm an Xanadu Alcide being. I'm a heavenly and noble being. A living being like you can't control me. No matter what, you can't change your fate."

under Lord Goyo have such a sense of superiority. What a

Lord Goyo and

when you're about to die? You deserve to die!" An angry roar came from

sword light flashed by. With a loud sound, Zaila's head was chopped

couldn't help but frown. Then, a ray of Bohnwer Light shone

in the void, shouted angrily," Dorvus, who gave you the right?" Then, he turned into a beam of light

his Murderous Energy, Dorvus smiled calmly. "Divine Marius, didn't you hear? She's stubborn. She humiliated our commander, who is also your Wyrmscale Saint, in front of everyone. I killed her to protect the dignity of our commander." "Bullshit." Marius pointed at Dorvus. "You're obviously just watching

Dorvus put on an uncanny smile. "Aren't we starting a

She's an enemy and the commander

was enraged. He looked

confident. He stared at


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