Serena's POV: 

By the time I opened my eyes, the morning sun was already streaming in through the windows.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

I found myself lying on the huge bed in my room, wearing the complimentary white pajamas from the hotel.

Wasn't I taking a bath in the bathtub last night? I only remembered falling asleep in the bathtub.

Why did I wake up on the bed? As if on cue, there was a knock on my door.I stood up to answer it.It was Peter standing on the other side.

The confusion on my face was probably evident, so he immediately guessed what I was thinking and explained, "I knocked on your door last night to check on you, but there was no response, so I let myself in.Don't worry, though.I didn't touch you.I asked the hotel's housekeeping lady to take you out of the bathtub and put you in your pajamas."

"Oh, uh...Thanks, again."

I was pleasantly surprised how much respect Peter seemed to treat me with.

Not even Brandon had treated me this way.

If it weren't for Peter wanting to kill me, I would have liked this man a lot.

Peter then stepped inside and placed several shopping bags on my bed.

"This is a dress I bought for you.We are going to a party tonight, hosted by the Garcia family.I can't leave you here alone, so you'll have to come with us." Peter was smart.

He knew I would attempt to escape if he had left me alone.

Perhaps I could find my chance to escape later at the party.

"Hmm, Garcia...That family sounds familiar..."

"They are the family that organized the auction.All bidders of the auction were invited.I know you wouldn't want to go to such a party.I don't either, but social gatherings such as these are important to maintain good relationships with other packs.Don't worry.Just stay with me and I won't let anyone discriminate you when we get there," Peter assured me.

I nodded, concluding to myself that it would be useless to protest anyway.

Without saying another word, I changed into the clothes Peter got for me.

It was an elegant sapphire blue dress.

In the other bags, there was a full set of sapphire jewelry to match with it.

I appreciated how thoughtful Peter was, although he was going to kill me tomorrow.

the driver's seat again, the three of us drove to the

grand ballroom was filled

same sex slaves they had just purchased

of these sex slaves wore

like Playboy Bunnies, with rabbit ears on their heads and a round furry tail

still wore shackles

were tied behind their backs, and their mouths had plastic ball chokers

bodies were already covered with bruises and

the feet of her owner, who held a

were proudly sharing their experiences from last night with

at acting.She looked just like a nurse in the uniform.In

you try it.Even if the sex slave doesn't know how to flirt

sex? The anus is much tighter than the vagina.It feels much better to thrust my dick in! I had always wanted to try anal sex with other she-wolves, but they refused me.Having a

I felt disgusted

had bought me, I

lucked out because of

could die without being

I see you bought the most beautiful sex slave.Don't

my hand and gently squeezed, indicating that

one of the bidders looked me up and

you...Why is she in such

my slave.Today, she is here as my date.I

Their jaws fell open.

you're doing with her? What, where are you going?

another word, Peter turned around and left, taking

with fear and anger.Only Peter could give me

was getting harder not to like Peter now, but he

Brandon's POV:

the second floor balcony and closely

kept my eyes peeled

auction myself, but I was afraid that Shirley

heard that Serena was indeed bought by some

for the bidders to bring their newly purchased sex slaves to

the Garcias, I managed to get an invitation to the party so that I

their sex slaves, but

again and again until I found her on the other

a conservative blue

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