Serena's POV: 

I thought that Peter was never going to get tired that night.

It was already early in the morning when we had fallen asleep.

By the time I woke up, rays of sunlight had streamed into the window and onto my face.

It must be quite late already, yet no one came to wake us.

Perhaps Anita told everyone not to disturb us so that we could sleep in.

"Baby, are you awake now?" Peter's morning voice was deep and gruff.

He smoothed my hair as he talked to me.

"Yes, I'm awake. What time is it anyway, Pet?"

"It's just ten o'clock in the morning, honey." I nodded, yawning and stretching out my arms and legs.

Accidentally, I brushed past Peter's dick.

Immediately, his penis had hardened.

Even though I had just woken up and was a little hungry, my desire for Peter still overpowered it all.

My eyes lusted over his dick and I just couldn't help but hold it with my hand.

How strange.

I couldn't believe that I had ever lived eighteen years of life without any dick.

It was only my first time last night, but already it was hard to imagine life without sex anymore.

I decided that it was now an important part of my life with Peter.

Peter and I couldn't keep our hands to ourselves.We had one round of morning sex, not finishing until both of us had an orgasm.

If Peter had it his way, we would have done more.

But it was already lunch time, so we restrained ourselves.I playfully pushed myself off of Peter and headed to the bathroom.

Not long after, he appeared leaning on the doorframe, smiling at me.

"What's up, Pet?" I asked while washing my face.

"Oh, nothing.I just wanted to stare at my beautiful lady.Just can't get enough."

He then came up and hugged me from behind.

"Pet, it’s time to go.It's already lunch time.Isn't everyone waiting for us?"

"Keep them waiting, then.They know what we're busy doing up here.The best part is, they wouldn't even judge us.In fact, they'd be happy for us!"

"Let me go, Pet.Or else, I will..."

I cupped my hands under the running faucet and splashed the water in his direction.

bad girl.You need to be punished

scooped up water with his hands

had been completely soaked! I looked down and found that the

stuck to my body, making my boobs pop out even

done.You made me hard again.You need to be held responsible for this,

me down in the bathtub.The

time we had arrived at the dining hall,

they saw us enter, whispers and murmurs immediately filled the room.I

Serena, up already? I was just about to ask Mrs.Brown to send food directly to your room," Anita said

you, Anita.But we're here already.Sorry that we're late...and missed breakfast," I smiled

the day off, too.David and I can deal with the matters of our pack and the company while you're gone," Alvin offered,

a beautiful girl next to me, doesn't

twelve or so hours, we

I wouldn't be surprised if that number doubled, or even tripled, by tonight.Thinking of

is? Have you both left your marks on each other

the Red Maple Pack will be having a baby soon! Oh, it won't be

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pairs of eyes stare at me was a little uncomfortable.Even Camille looked at

sworn that I saw a displeased

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to come with me? Or you can

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care." Anita nodded and left,

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strange at all, I

Patricia wasn't here, they could act however they wanted now.But I was going to

she-wolves back in the Black Moon Pack.I wasn't afraid

how to deal with this on my own. If I failed to solve such a small problem as this, I simply wouldn't survive

want to talk to them, but I knew I couldn't just leave either. Leaving would make

and Peter have already slept

don't want to hear about it!" Kate

looked as if Kate

a game of tennis, Serena?" Kate challenged

"Alright." I shrugged.

had taught me enough to play against other

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fly fast

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bad." I rubbed my shoulder and didn’t say anything, preparing for

to the side and successfully hit the ball back to

dare you hurt me, you

the ground, covering her face.Slowly,

growl before

running, Kate had transformed into a

two rows of razor sharp


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