Chapter 1140

Hertha was on the brink of nodding off when Alaric stepped in front of her, his protective stance unmistakable as he spoke to Angelina with firm conviction, “Look, we’ve had a tiff, okay? I was sulking so I hit the bars, and she came looking for me to see what kind of trouble I was stirring up. Like I said, I was only chatting up that girl in the bar to get a rise out of her.”

Hearing Alaric’s words, Hertha was momentarily thrown off. Her eyes were wide with disbelief as she glanced at his profile. His features were chiseled, a blend of gentle curves and masculine angles-a certain softness that could enchant any woman and matched with a rugged charm that was all man.

The damned allure of him was intoxicating. The more Hertha looked, the more she felt head over heels.

And his words also sent her heart racing. So, he had crafted an image for his mother—a picture of them as a love-struck couple going through a silly squabble.

Angelina, skeptical, let her gaze drift past Alaric to Hertha, who was shielded behind him. She asked pointedly, “How did you feel while seeing him flirt with another woman?”

Hertha blinked, realizing Angelina was addressing her. She stepped out from behind Alaric and looked straight at her with her big doe eyes, asking, “Can I be honest?”

“Of course, I expect nothing but the truth. Lies are a waste of breath,” Angelina replied.

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