Chapter 846

Brittany managed a wry smile, “How have you been holding up lately?”

“Just peachy.”

Brittany had met Charles under serendipitous circumstances. He seemed like a free spirit, but underneath that facade was a highly competent man with an extensive network of information at his fingertips. Her trip to Craneville was spurred by a desire to delve deeper into the research institute’s mysteries.

“How’s the investigation going?” she asked.

“Hang tight,” he replied before standing up to leave.

Upon his return, Charles slid a stack of papers across the table towards her. “Based on what I’ve found so far, the family bankrolling the institute from the shadows is likely the Salters.”

“The Salter family?”

“Yes,” Charles nodded. “Pete Salter had a keen interest in these matters, but he’s been gone for years, and there’s nothing left to uncover.”

The documents echoed Charles’s words.

Brittany hadn’t expected the Salter family to be entangled in this affair.

“There’s something else,” Charles said with a sly grin. “I discovered that your mother, Ms) Russell, had visited Craneville before.”

“My mother?”


happens that Pete Salter was in town at the same time as Ms. Russell.”

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Russell-Dustin was once a socialite of Imperial City, but her connection to the Salters seemed coincidental at best.

suspected there was more to it, but without evidence, he kept his theories to himself.

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City soon. We’ll catch up there.”

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