Chapter 1150

“Don’t talk anymore. The doctor wants you to speak less,” Amelia advised.

Undeterred, he continued, “You didn’t push me away. about hurting me?”

Are you worried

“I-I just thought that it doesn’t matter if you really wanted to hug me like this, considering you saved me.” Amelia stammered in response as his breath brushed against her, leaving her feeling flustered.

“Really? Whether it’s gratitude, sympathy, or pity, it doesn’t matter. At least I have a place in your heart.” She could finally see him as a potential partner.

The feeling of being ignored by her was too unbearable for him to handle.

“Warren, what are you trying to say?” she inquired.

“Amelia, you just referred to me as ‘my husband’ in front of Ryan. I-I wanted to ask if there’s a chance to make our marriage more than just a formality. Can I truly become your husband?” His voice quivered with nervousness as if he had mustered all his courage to broach the subject.

Amelia found herself at a loss for words, unable to provide a prompt response.

In the past, her answer would have been an unequivocal “no.” both better off apart, with no entanglements.

But now, at this moment, her hesitation was evident.

Her silence seemed to only further invigorate his demeanor. A hop glint filled his eyes as he asked, “Amelia, do I hold a place in your he

Her body quivered. Did he occupy a space within her heart?

In the past, he had indeed been etched into her heart.

Subsequently, he transformed into the source of her life’s torment, and she made every effort to eradicate him from her heart.

Now, it appeared he was taking root once more.

we really be together once more? Is

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knew that it would require so much resolve for me to answer yes to that?”

Amelia was discharged from the hospital, where Rosalie

close by, and he even considered personally sending her

Amelia gets there safely. You don’t need to worry.”

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