Everyone returned to their seats while Lady Wilson walked on stage hand-in-hand with Claire.

She gave a gentle and sweet smile as she said, “I’m really sorry for what happened earlier, I made a mistake. Actually, Claire is the outstanding descendant of our Wilson family. Thanks to her, we are able to score such a lucrative contract with Emgrand Group. She has made great efforts for such an amazing achievement.”

Standing next to them, Doris Glanced at the old lady contemptuously. She waved her hand, gesturing at her to stop talking, and said, “Allow me to correct something. Miss Claire has not only made great efforts for this project but she has accomplished it by her own efforts entirely. It has nothing to do with anyone.”

She sounded very impolite and rude, but everyone was accustomed to it. With Emgrand Group’s status in the city, even if Doris slapped Lady Wilson right there and then, she dared not say anything.

Lady Wilson nodded quickly. “Yes, Miss Young is absolutely right. Claire deserves all the credit for her efforts. From now on, she will be the director of the Wilson Group! She will be fully in charge of the project between Wilson Group and Emgrand Group!”

and shook hands with Claire. “I look forward to our

Loud applause resonated across the hall. Everyone looked at Claire with enthusiasm and admiration. What kind of background

as the director, which was supposed to be the role belonging to her to begin with. Claire was still in a state of bewilderment even

of things she couldn’t understand as if he was shrouded in a misty fog. Overnight, Claire’s name spread like wildfire in Aurous Hill! Everyone knew that the Wilson family had an outstanding


hoped she could do the best she could and get this thing completed. As for Charlie,

call, Elaine’s anxious voice resonated loudly. “Charlie, I demand you come to Pinnacle Avenue

the phone without waiting for him to say anything. Charlie was confused. His mother-in-law had disappeared early in the morning. Based on her voice on the phone, she sounded as if something urgent had happened. Although Charlie was very disgusted with her, he didn’t dare disobey her. After

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