Charlie slowly stood up as everyone gasped in disbelief. In an instant, the gaze of the entire banquet hall focused on him.

“Charlie, what are you doing! Sit down!” Elaine shrieked in horror.

Didn’t he look at where he was at now! None of the fearsome bosses dared to stand up at a moment like this, but what did this loser aim to steal the limelight right now!

Gerald and Kevin exchanged glances and whispered, “Damn, is he really the chairman of Emgrand Group?”

Immediately after that, they shook their head earnestly. No way, if he were really the chairman, how could he be scolded by his mother-in-law now?

“Loser, what do you think you’re doing? Sit down!” Harold shouted in an annoyed tone on the stage.

went straight to Doris and whispered in her ear. Doris nodded slightly while listening. The scene made everyone’s hearts skip a beat! Doris Young! The vice-chairman of Emgrand Group! The famous symbol of beauty in Aurous Hill! How did Charlie, the loser of the Wilson family, know her? In fact, from the looks of it, they

stood up, took the stage and the microphone,and started as everyone stared blankly at her. “Hi, I’m Doris Young. Mr. Charlie Wade

a sigh of relief when they heard

how could he be so shameless to butter up his assistant!


glanced at Lady Wilson and had a cold expression on her

That Emgrand Group has terminated the collaboration with


shout resonated in the hall in an instant. No one had expected Doris

dashed towards Doris and urged, “Miss Young,What do you mean by that? Why the sudden

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