Elaine crouched on the floor, her body trembling violently. She closed her eyes tightly, waiting to be slapped by the muscular man, but the slap never came as she had expected. She opened her eyes in confusion and was shocked! Charlie, her good-for-nothing son-in-law, came out and held the man’s wrist! This… She felt that her mind had gone kaput for the moment-she couldn’t process the thing that’s happening right now. Why was the useless Charlie so brave out of sudden?

Don Albert couldn’t believe either that there’s someone dared to stand up for the damn old lady at a moment like this. He growled coldly, “Who are you? Do you have a death wish?”

Charlie smiled faintly. “You are Don Albert, aren’t you? You can beat the hell out of that bastard, but do me a favor and don’t touch my mother- in-law!”

A layer of dark gloom shaded Albert’s Face. “This old fart is your mother-in-law? Who do you think you are for me to do you a favor?”

Albert began to huff in wrath when he said it. He was highly respected by many people in Aurous Hill, but he suffered immeasurable embarrassment today. First, there was a foolish dude who called himself Kevin White yelling in front of him, then came the disgusting old coot that shouted along with him. Next, this young dude came out of nowhere and made such an absurd demand! Did they really think that he, Don Albert Rhodes, was such a minion that they could push him around like a rag doll?

face flushed with anger as he shouted to his men,

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answered, the man on the other end of the line said respectfully, “Young Master, what can I do

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sheepishly and said, “Yes, I know him. They all say that he’s the boss of the underworld,

I work for the Wade family by asking me out to dinner and what not, but I’ve been ignoring him. Why? Do

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over the phone, the remark obviously irritated Isaac. “Damn it! That bastard! He’s wishing for his own death by provoking you! Where are you now? I’ll send someone over right away

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