Chapter 539 The Role Of Parents

Had Lysander not been sitting next to him, Maverick would surely have slammed the table in anger by then.

However, Maverick restrained himself, saying, “This b*stard is a cheater, always wanting what he can’t have. He caused so much pain for Lysa in the past, and now he has the audacity to come back and bother her. As Lysa’s biological father, are you just going to stand by and let him harass her?”

Josiah was well aware that any further explanation at this point would only make matters worse. He remained silent, his head bowed in resignation, sighing softly.

Caught in the middle, Howard truly found himself in a bit of a bind. “Maverick, please calm down first. I’m aware of some of the past events. The situation with Josiah was indeed handled poorly, causing Lysa to suffer. However, Josiah didn’t intend for this to happen. He simply misunderstood-”

Maverick raised his voice and interrupted, “He didn’t intend for this to happen? What do you mean? Everything I’ve said is what I’ve seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. If you don’t believe me, go back and ask your adopted daughter! Ask her what she’s been up to!”

Because of Lysanne, Maverick had a prejudice against the Thorne family, and inevitably, he also held resentment toward Howard.

Howard tactfully assessed the situation and said, “I’ve watched Josiah grow up, and I understand his character. We can’t deny him the chance to better himself, can we?”

“Character? His character is nothing but a cheap knock–off!” Maverick was so infuriated he could barely breathe.

He then proceeded to criticize Josiah by roaring, “This man once deceived Lysa, forcing her to divorce and make way for another woman. Now he regrets it, but it’s too late!”

Howard knew the woman he was referring to was Lysanne, his expression shifting through a myriad of emotions.

Maverick couldn’t stand his dilly–dallying on such a crucial matter and asked again, “Can you just tell me if you can agree to these three conditions or not?”

have no objections to the third. However, it’s true that Lysa could use some help right now.

long as there’s any

from the west, I would never believe that this b*stard could truly change

was immediately taken aback. “Josiah, what’s going on?”

Josiah thought about Tiffany and Dillon’s coincidental appearance that day and how they had deliberately made sure Maverick saw them, he felt a wave of

two parties, humbly suggesting, “Maverick, I understand that you’re protective of Lysa, but could you possibly give Josiah a chance to speak? He genuinely regrets his actions now. After all, this is a matter between the two kids. Perhaps we should let them resolve it themselves.”

Since you’ve put it that way, there’s no need for further discussion. This is where I draw the line.” Maverick was

and led her downstairs. As they passed by the front desk, he casually settled the

he might become ill due to his anger. However, he merely maintained a stern expression and said, “We’re going back

walked ahead, and her sorrow was evident with every step. “Dad, getting I explain everything to

properties. However, you once told me that the hardest debt to repay in this world is a debt of gratitude. My involvement with Thorne Constructions and Energies‘ affairs this time is simply to clear

speaking, she leaned in to

that Maverick’s eyes had reddened at some point, his teeth gritted as he fought to keep the tears from falling. The usually resolute face was

felt as if it had been struck by a heavy hammer, making her

against a tree by the sidewalk. He carelessly wiped away his tears

not one to joke around, his affection for her and her

once straight back had unknowingly begun

took his hand, rough and calloused from years of hard work. With teary eyes, she said, “Dad, don’t be upset. I remember everything you’ve said. No one could ever compare to you and Mom in my eyes. When I was sick as a child,

emotion, “Without all of you, I might have silently passed away in some unnoticed corner long ago. I

Just as he used to when Lysander was a child, he reached out and gently

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