Chapter 2422

Tricky Question

Clayton stroked Nicole's hair, knowing that she was not in a good mood. The two of them just sat on the sofa hugging each other while looking at the scenery outside.

To be honest, Nicole was happy to see Lance. She was glad that he was trying to come out of his grief.

However, when she saw that Lance was so thin like a skeleton, she inexplicably panicked for a moment.

Thus, Nicole suggested having a barbecue party in the evening. She wanted everyone to gather together and be happy. At least, it was better than Lance staying by himself.

For a moment, Nicole could understand the dead stillness in Lance’s eyes.

He had no hope for life, but he still tried his best to live.

However, his lover was no longer by his side. It was even more tragic that Yvette died in front of him.

Thus, even if he acted as if nothing was wrong, it was still indescribably painful to breathe.

In the evening at sunset, it was colder.

The light shone through the thick clouds, forming the Tyndall effect. It was beautiful, soft, and spectacular.

The barbecue grill was ready downstairs.

Clayton and Nicole changed their clothes before they went down slowly.

Chatty was circling Lance because Lance was roasting corn on the cob. The aroma was irresistible.

Lance also changed into casual clothes. However, they were very baggy on him, and it looked like he would be blown away by the wind.

The cold wind from outside blew in, so Kai went over and closed the window.

Although the aroma was strong, it was still within the acceptable range.

Lance was smiling more. Julie was helping on the side.

Seeing Nicole and Clayton coming downstairs, Julie went over to greet them.

'The two deities are finally here! Hurry up and help! Nicole, can you bring me the sauce from the kitchen?”


Nicole tied a low ponytail and rolled up her sleeves. She was much gentler, and her eyes were tender and soft.

She brought the sauce over, so Julie quickly took out part of what Lance grilled earlier, sprinkled seasoning on some, and dipped some in the sauce.

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breakup. It also doesn't mean that living a long and happy life together is boring. Look, who gets divorced when they're happy? Only couples who aren't happy together

and thought about it. "Oh, I guess

Clayton’s expression eased.

Third Brother said makes

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