Chapter 1012

Bella held Justin with everything she had while crying into his ear and calling out his name.

Justin, always quick with a reply, fell silent.

“Bella! Justin!”

“I’m here, Bella! Bella!”

“Here I am, Justin!”

Drew, Asher, and Ryan finally arrived at the meeting spot.

Asher fired two rounds, shattering Winston’s knee with the first shot and disarming him with the second shot. Winston dropped his bow and cried out in agony.

Even so, Winston would not give up. He dragged himself across the floor to grab his weapon in order to retaliate.

Acting quickly, Drew sprung before him.

He stomped on Winston’s hand and crushed it.


as the shatteri of

hand was no

the scene, Winston

those injured and alive were arrested. The hideout in

not the only thing accomplished. The Hoffman Group’s men found many destructive weapons

did not own a big enough ship to transport the weapons back to Savrow, and most importantly, he needed to get Justin to the hospital as

Justin’s life at greater risk.

Justin. Wake

the chopper. With her hair a mess, her eyes bloodshot, and tears rolling down her face, she whimpered and gasped. Her brothers felt bad for

Justin was shot in the left

he darted toward danger without backing

chopper. Even at h weakest,

could she be so foolish and

only one Justin Salvador in the

for not appreciating him.


sorrow sweep over her. They did not know what to say to

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