The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 2

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 2

rope.They did not see Leon because the place was too dark and the surroundings were blocked by trees and tombstones.Any smart person could see that those two were up to no good.Leon frowned and surmised that they were after that woman and so decided to follow them secretly. Sure enough, the beautiful woman who seemed to be waiting in the cemetery was immediately attacked from behind by the two men and stuffed right into the sack. Her mouth was stuffed with a pair of stinking socks, and all her struggling and resistance were in vain.Soon, one of the stronger men held down the woman while the other brought a huge and heavy stone and tied it to the sack.The two of them then lifted the stone and threw it into the river with a plop.Leon’s pupils widened!It was murder!Leon’s first instinct was to run away, but he was worried that he would startle the men through any sounds he made while doing so. As a result, he kept hiding behind the tombstone and waited until the two men left before sticking his head out cautiously.After giving it some thought, Leon jumped into the water. He might be a cowardly man, but the values instilled in him since childhood meant that he could not just stand by and watch a weak woman being killed right in front of him. Leon rescued the woman from the water in no time. He ignored the fact that he was wet and panting and untied the sack immediately. Unfortunately, he did not notice that he was just beside a dagger dropped by one of the men.Elsewhere, the two young men went all the way to the road outside the cemetery, where a high-end luxury SUV was parked.The two were about to get into the car and leave when Marco subconsciously reached out for his boots.His expression changed in an instant.“Dang, I dropped my dagger! It’s probably somewhere by the river… We need to hurry up and get it back. There are fingerprints on it…”The two men ran back toward the river.…When Leon opened the sack, the woman inside was already soaking wet. Her white top and a short, hip-hugging skirt were all wet, clinging tightly to her body and accentuating her curvy and exquisite figure. Her top, in particular, revealed vague traces of her small black lace bra.It was a sight to behold!Leon could not help but gulp. He thought that Marilyn was already a beautiful enough woman, and he never would have expected the woman in front of him to surpass Marilyn’s beauty by a mile.The woman was underwater for long enough that her face was pale and she could not even breathe. There was nothing Leon could do except put one hand on her ample bust and give her some mouth-to-mouth respiration.To his surprise, her bust was soft and her lips were even softer, the latter with almost a hint of sweetness to them.Leon could not help but fantasize even more.Moments later, Leon finally resuscitated her.“Bleagh…”The woman coughed out several mouthfuls of water. Her eyelashes trembled slightly and she finally regained her senses.The woman could sense a warmness on her lips. When she raised her head again, she saw Leon’s hand stroking her leg, so she kicked him to the river in a fit of anger.He even scolded him, “What do you think you’re doing, feeling me up like that?! You pervert! Disgusting!”Leon was caught by surprise and ended up falling into the water.He thrashed and flailed a couple of times in the river before successfully climbing back ashore. At that moment, he looked even more pitiful than before.He suffered so many wrongs that day and looked at the woman with an enraged expression. He did not even bother to explain what happened to her.“Women are all the same! I saved you and gave you mouth-to-mouth, but rather than thank me, you kicked me into the river! Didn’t your parents teach you anything? I think I ought to punish you on behalf of your father!”Leon said and strode up to her. The woman started to panic, and her whole body—including her chest and voice— trembled. “Hey, quit messing around!”If somebody did something to her in such a desolate area and threw her back into the water, no one would be able to find any evidence.Leon then snatched her water-damaged cell phone and car keys. He destroyed her cell by smashing it hard on the ground and then threw the car key into the water!“Let’s see you act tough now!”Leon said angrily, “You’re an ungrateful one, aren’t you? We’re out in the wild right now, and I just broke

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