The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 4

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 4

Leon heard everything she said from underwater.‘Iris… What a beautiful name!’After returning home, Iris seemed to have lost her mind as she ordered the group of bodyguards to go dive into the river and find Leon. In the end, however, no trace of him was found.All they knew was that his name was Leon Wolf, famously known as the son-in-law who lived like a dog with his wife’s family.One of the bodyguards also found his ID card, which was said to have been discovered at a recycling center.Something just seemed off about the whole situation.…Marilyn and Helen both waited outside the Civil Records Office.From time to time, Marilyn raised her wrist to check the time on her watch. Her anger only increased with each passing minute.She already agreed with Leon to get their divorce finalized that morning, but it was almost noon and Leon was still nowhere to be seen.Furthermore, Leon did not return home the entire night, and his cell was unreachable when she tried to do so earlier. She had no idea where he went and had no means of contacting him at all.As Marilyn’s impatience grew, Leon showed up at last. He was almost out of breath as he ran over from some distance away.His clothes were torn, and he looked like the epitome of embarrassment!After Leon bullied Iris, he came to discover that Iris was the daughter of an influential family. As a result, he did not dare to resurface from the water and decided to lurk underwater instead. After Iris presumed him dead and spoke to the river, Leon could still sense that there were bodyguards searching the area. He thus decided to swim along the current and go downstream, but later fainted in the water because of everything he went through that night.By the time he woke up, it was already around nine in the morning.He immediately remembered his divorce from Marilyn, which prompted him to rush over because he wanted to free himself from her as soon as possible.Marilyn, however, ran up to him and raised her hand to give Leon a resounding slap.“Where the hell did you go last night, you worthless piece of trash! Didn’t I tell you last night that we’re getting divorced this morning? It’s almost noon now! You’re wasting so much of my time!” Marilyn lambasted.“I was busy last night…”Leon covered his face. How he wished he could slap her back if only he had the guts to do it! In the end, all he could do was grit his teeth and endure the humiliation. “What can a useless b*stard like you possibly be busy with? Did you go out and sleep with someone else because you were angry with what happened last night?”Helen walked over with a strange look on her face.“You’re overestimating him, Mom! No woman is going to want trash like him, not unless they were blind! Even if went looking for hookers, it’s not like he has any money to pay them!”Marilyn laughed mockingly.Leon’s face turned ashen, then red, and he could not bring himself to look up due to the two women’s mocking.“Not that it matters anyway. Seeing you makes me sick! Let’s get this divorce done and over with!”Marilyn snorted coldly before turning around and walking proudly toward the entrance of the Civil Records Office.At that moment, Leon said awkwardly, “I don’t think we can do that. My ID card is missing. When you kicked me out of the house yesterday, you threw all my belongings into the trash. My ID card was included in those documents, but neither of you noticed it. Now that it’s sent to the garbage dump for incineration, there’s no way to find my ID.”“What?”A stunned Marilyn turned back to stare at Leon and said with a sneer, “You’re just trying to use any excuse you can so you don’t need to get a divorce, right? Who are you trying to fool by saying that you lost your ID card? Are you a man?”Helen then added, “Absolutely. If you don’t want a divorce, just say so! Or do you enjoy being cucked? Maybe you’re secretly happy to

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