The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 15

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 15

ominous sign…” Graham frowned.“Grayish aura on his forehead?”“Greenish-purple lip corners?”Everyone else, including Gilbert, was shocked to hear those remarks. They immediately turned to look in Leon’s direction.They remembered clearly that Leon said the same thing earlier!“There’s nothing to worry about though. Elder Young’s pulse is normal, so everything should be fine…” Graham comforted.“That’s good.”Gilbert breathed a sigh of relief along with everyone else.Although the conclusion Leon reached earlier was completely different from that of Graham’s, they would almost certainly lean more toward Graham because the latter was a master of medicine.“How about I use some equipment to carefully check Elder Young again to make sure that everything is alright?”Graham pondered for a while.Gilbert nodded. “Sure. We have some upstairs. Most of them are the latest advancements in technology.” Graham, Gilbert, and everyone else went upstairs. Iris followed along too because she was worried about her grandfather’s health.Leon, on the other hand, was the only one left standing awkwardly in the hall, since it was neither appropriate to go with them nor leave.Not long later, Graham, Gilbert, and the others came back down.“Everything was normal when I examined him earlier. Perhaps I was simply overthinking. Your poor complexion might just be a loss of vigor and blood, so I’ll prescribe something to replenish them. Take it for a few days and observe what’s wrong.”After Graham gave the prescription to Elder Young, he bid farewell and prepared to leave.Elder Young opened his mouth to say something, but a sharp pain stabbed his heart and he began to cough violently. Within seconds, his vision went black and he fell to the ground.“Dad! Are you alright?”Gilbert was shocked by what happened and immediately carried Elder Young up. Only then did he realize that Elder Young’s eyes were closed, evidently because he passed out.“Graham, what’s going on?! Why did my grandfather suddenly faint…” Iris asked anxiously.“It… It can’t be! Don’t worry, I’ll take his pulse.”Graham was just as surprised, and he immediately squatted down to check Elder Young’s pulse.Elder Young had a strong and normal pulse earlier but that had since turned weak and arhythmic. Even his heartbeat weakened considerably, and his life was at risk.“His situation is very bad. I’ll need to give him some pressure point treatment!”Graham truly lived up to his name as a master of alternative medicine and remained calm in the face of a crisis. He rubbed his hands together and proceeded to do pressure point treatment on the old man.His dexterity was second to none, and he first applied pressure to the

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