The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 21

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 21

“Iris, what doesn‘t kill you makes you wiser. It‘s no longer safe for you to stay alone outside. Come back and stay with us!” Gilbert said with worry. He could not help but glance at Leon as well.


He wanted his daughter to move back in with them for two reasons. One was out of concern for her, while the other was to separate his daughter and Leon.

Based on what he saw so far, Leon was probably after his daughter. That was why Leon was daring enough to try his luck at saving Elder Young. In the end, Leon was lucky enough to save him.

Leon was just a commoner with nothing exceptional about him. Leon was not worthy of Iris at all!

“Impossible ! I refuse to move back here! I‘m staying in an area with a lot of high–end villas. There are dedicated

security guards on guard at all times. Grandfather‘s already arranged for six new bodyguards for me as well. With them protecting me in the future, my safety should

be assured!” Iris shook her head and refused.

She was on the way back home when she was kidnapped

the night before. It was just an unexpected incident.

If someone targeted her, it would be useless even if she

moved back. 1


“There’s nothing else to say about that. As long as Daisy is still here, I’ll never move back!” Iris said firmly.

Gilbert felt helpless, and shot Elder Young a pleading

Iris listens to you more. You should tell

come back!”

doesn’t want to

her! We’ll just need to send some

to secretly guard her.


of Iris’s conflicts with

two of them could never

not like Daisy

was lucky. She gave birth to a

the future heir of their

to ride on her son’s

did not

There was no way he could chase


you hardly ever come back. Show Leon around

Have dinner with me before the two


nodded before she brought Leon out

main hall.

Leon left,

voicing his worries, “Dad, you

Leon may be in a

even going

Iris doesn’t move back, I’m afraid


coldly snorted, “What a bunch of

has already explained everything to me over the phone. She has nothing to do with Leon. This is just your misunderstanding. Leon doesn‘t have a home to go back to. She‘s just temporarily giving

it comes to feelings. What if the two

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