The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 25

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 25

“I’m fine. Thankfully, Leon was there to save me…” Iris shook her head before telling Ariel everything.

Ariel was Iris’s best friend from university.

Iris did not have many friends, and Ariel was the only one she considered a good friend.

Of course, the flirting was omitted. There was no way she would tell anyone about that.

“You said he was a man you didn’t know, but he still took

a stab for you. To protect you, he even decided to die with the thugs?! Now that’s a real man! I guess you must feel very safe beside him?” Ariel’s eyes glinted. She loved

those masculine men on TV because she always lacked a sense of safety ever since she was young.

It was a pity that all of that was only on TV. At the very

least, she never met anyone like that in real life.

Yet, a prime example just appeared in front of her.

From what Iris said, she could even feel how safe it would have felt to be protected in such a dangerous situation. It was something she always lacked.

“Definitely! Society is so cold nowadays. There aren‘t many people as brave as him left. If he didn‘t put his life on the line to protect me, I would‘ve died,” Iris said emotionally.

Thinking about the dangers she faced that night, she still felt some fear. She was filled with gratitude for Leon.


“Iris, tell me what he looks like. Is he handsome? Does he look like one of those heroic and mighty men?!” Ariel pulled at Iris‘ hand excitedly.

“Yes, he‘s very handsome!” Iris nodded.

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