The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 31

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 31

Donald was Joseph’s distant nephew, and the company only employed him to become the head of security

because Joseph was the one who brought him in.

It was understood that he would never disobey Joseph’s


“Damn you! How dare you lay a finger on my uncle!

You’re dead meat! Fellas, smack this kid and beat the crap out of him! I’ll take responsibility if he kicks the bucket today!” Donald shouted angrily. He took out the rubber baton he carried with him and took the lead to deliver a barrage of attacks on Leon.

The other security guards also pulled out their rubber batons and rushed violently toward Leon.

“Be careful!”

Lily was rattled by the sight of what happened.

It was because Leon wanted to help her that the conflict with Leon happened.

Now that the situation was out of control, she became

anxious and had no idea what to do.

thug, and he had no problem going against five or six people and

ended up crippled, and he spent two years in jail before Joseph got him

he be to offend Mister Conrad? Knowing Donald’s violent tendencies, that kid will be severely

resounded through the air as the rubber batons struck Leon’s body like raindrops during a storm. Leon hugged his head and groaned in endless pain. He initially decided to just endure the pain for a while because he was the one who first laid

Unfortunately, the strikes became increasingly vicious, for they aimed at his tender areas as well as

beaten up was not bad enough, they had every intention of obliterating Leon’s manhood as well! Leon could not bear

a rubber baton that one of the guards held. Then, he delivered a kick to the security guard’s



he let out a scream before crashing into the wall behind him and falling heavily

dare you fight

for it!”

his teeth with rage and raised the rubber baton to

and his uncle’s. voice even urged him from behind, “Kill him! I’ll bear the consequences if he

that strike were to land on Leon, the least that would

“It’s over…”

pretty face turned pale. She could not bear to see Leon’s tragic

left arm to block the rubber baton, which nearly dislocated

have suffered a broken arm if they were to shield themselves from the attack. Failure to protect. oneself would result in a concussion at best,

near-death at worst.

blame me for giving you an

threw a right hook and landed a strong punch on

Before he could even react to what happened, Leon followed up with a thumping kick on

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